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Norfolk Cares Assistance Center
Norfolk Cares Assistance Center
The Norfolk Cares Assistance Center is a single point of contact for residents seeking information about or requesting service from the City of Norfolk. Norfolk Cares was established in direct response to requests from Norfolk citizens and City Council to improve the processing of citizen requests for service.

Through Norfolk Cares, citizens can request a city service, obtain information on city services, or receive an update on a previous request for city service. Norfolk Cares staff may make a referral to a specific department if their expertise is needed.

Contact Norfolk Cares
Anyone can contact Norfolk Cares by:
  • Dialing (757) 664-6510 Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • Filling out one of the Citizen Request Tracker Norfolk Cares Assistance Center online forms
  • TDD/TTY #711 ask Operator for Norfolk Cares Assistance Center
  • Sending an email to Norfolk Cares
All requests for service are confidential and will not be revealed to anyone other than the city staff assigned to the request. However, it is extremely beneficial for city staff tasked with resolving the issue to have a name and phone number with which further information can be obtained, if necessary.
How long will it take to respond to a request for service?
The Norfolk Cares IMPACT Call Center will respond to requests, inquiries and/or complaints within 24-48 hours of receipt. 

The length of time to correct a problem or respond to a request will vary.

Many violations require, by law, specified amounts of time to correct the violation, while others may be taken to court. In other instances, the problem may not be a violation under a City law and resolution may be more complex.

How are Incoming Online Requests Processed by Norfolk Cares?
  1. A Citizen Service Advisor will review and enter your incoming request into the system and assign the request to the appropriate department to address your needs.
  2. An initial response will be issued to you from the Citizen Service Advisor
  3. The department will respond to the request generated by the Citizen Service Advisor
  4. Upon response from the department the Citizen Service Advisor will provide a follow up response to you
  5. The Citizen Service Advisor will continue to monitor the request and/or complaint until the concern is completed and provide response to you when the concern is closed
How do I check on the status of a request for service?
The Norfolk Cares Assistance Center maintains a record of requests for service received through the Center.

To check on the status of a request for service made through Norfolk Cares, contact Norfolk Cares.

Please understand that due to matters regarding privacy we may not be able to release all information related to a request.

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